There are more than 6,000 languages actively spoken in the world and all these variables tend to favour the term ‘lost in translation’. This generally describes the phenomenon when words or phrases lose their meaning, subtly or significantly while transitioning from one medium to another. This can particularly be the case when the words are translated verbatim without recognising the sensitivity that languages can generally uphold, and the internet is awash with ‘translation fails’ as these translations can often be amusing or cringy without ever adhering to the original meaning or context.

A sign in a Spanish hotel room reads ‘Si desea que le cambiemos las toallas dejelas en el suelo y si no dejelas colgadas’. In English, it would signify ‘if you would like to change your towels, leave them on the floor. If not, leave them on the hangers’. This, of course, seems to make sense. But if the sign was translated literally then it would mean ‘if you wish that we change your towels let fall on the floor, and if not, you let it fall hanged’. Yes, the words were translated from Spanish to English but the English sentence is disoriented and creates as much meaning to English speakers as the Spanish text does.

Another sign spotted in Spain shows the English ‘do not enter here’. The Spanish ‘translation’ beneath rather unhelpfully reads ‘entero somewhere elso’, instead of ‘prohibito el paso’.

When you own or operate a business, particularly one with a global audience, you simply do not possess the room for such humiliating errors. Whilst they might be worth a good laugh due to their online presence, they can induct disastrous consequences as far as your credibility and standing in the market is concerned. Don’t take the risk by opting for cheap or unreliable translation services. We offer the best translation services that leap past the language barrier and convey the message across without ever damaging their structural or contextual integrity.

When looking for technical translation or interpreting services, there are a number of companies that claim to offer a quick turnaround or highly accurate translations. However, with the abundance of websites offering translation services, it can be difficult choosing who to go with and you could end up receiving inadequate translations in return, or enduring weeks of wait-time to get your document or transcripts back.

That is where we come in as we are equipped to cater to a wide range of translations, proofreading, transcriptions and more in a variety of languages. Our experienced translators, transcribers and proofreaders are able to provide a precision-based quick service, designed to fulfil your requirements.

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We host a diverse range of transcribing, interpreting, proofreading and translation services online as further elaborated below. If there is anything you need that is not covered here, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to work with you and tend to your situation accordingly as our clientele are our number one priority.

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There are a number of translation and interpreting companies online, and choosing who to select for your project can be daunting. We aim to stand out from the crowd by offering a rapid turnaround on your project whilst ensuring accuracy via dedicated proofreading. We like to work alongside our customers, offering a bespoke service while prioritising customer satisfaction. We ensure that you are pleased with your project, in the unlikely event of any issues or abrupt setbacks, we will continue to work with you until your returned results turn a 100%. We know recurring customers are worth more than any expensive advertising campaign. Hence, we are dedicated to the highest standards that we can provide.

Customised to your needs

Your content whether you require an on-going contract, a large bulk order, or just a single one-off service, we can work together to catch up to your needs. No project is too big or too small. Our professional transcribers, editors, translators and voiceover artists are on-par with the latest industry standards to complement the quality of your project. We take pride in offering accurate, professional, discrete and, fair priced solutions.Goes Here

Safe and secure

Security, privacy and the protection of your documents hold the highest regard to us. We are happy to discuss non-disclosure agreements prior to any engagements or progress on your project.

Our comprehensive in-house security procedures ensure your documents are kept secure whilst we are working on them, and that they are completely removed from our systems once you are happy with your returned documents. Our professional, expert staff are bound by our strict confidentiality policies to ensure your data is protected and remains private for your peace of mind.

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