Interpreting services

Whether you have a multi-national board meeting or are conducting an overseas interview, our professional interpreters can help your organisation to communicate with those who speak other languages. Perhaps you work in healthcare and need help interpreting for a patient, or maybe you are a solicitor working with asylum seekers. Whatever your reason is for needing an interpreter, our team of highly-trained, professional interpreters are all acutely aware of the importance of effective, accurate communication. With a diverse range of clients, our interpreters possess a wide range of skills to meet the requirements of our clientele.

Face to face interpreting involves an interpreter who is physically present at an appointment or meeting and provides real-time interpretation between the parties. Simultaneous interpreting is suitable for larger audiences, such as an international conference, whereas consecutive interpreting is more suited to occasions pertaining to appointments, meeting, confidential hearings or website localisation.

Remote interpreting involves the interpreter being available over the web or a phone line. This is ideal for situations when there is the need for an interpreter at short notice as it can be accessed from a number of locations on many devices. It is more cost-effective than face to face interpreting.

We are able to offer interpreting services covering a wide range of language combinations. Our professional interpreters are also bound by our confidentiality regulations, so you can be assured that any sensitive or personal information remains secure in real-time. Contact us to discuss your interpreting perimeters and to receive your free, no-obligation quote now!